WELCOME/GENERAL SESSION: Navigating the Boardroom & Beyond

Experience an opportunity to be in the room with multiple female C-Level executives who will share how they made it to the top, work/life balance, giving and receiving feedback and more. This panel will share challenges they’ve overcome and their key strategies for success.


Conference attendees will attend one of four sessions being offered during breakout periods. There will be two breakout sessions giving you multiple opportunities to expand your knowledge base.

Sessions are scheduled to include:

Financial Literacy: Groom your future leaders and current management to become more financially savvy business people. Learn to create a budget, read a p&l statement and become familiar with the financial terms that you will need to manage a division, lead a team or run your own business. This session will be repeated, but the focus will move from business financial literacy to excelling at personal, financial success.

Employment Law - Gender Equity: A panel of legal experts will provide information that your company should be discussing now. From reviewing gender equality in your organization to frequently asked questions and examples of illegal interview questions. This session is ideal for business owners, executives and individuals wanting to know their own rights as employees.

Demystifying the Political Process: Women need to be active in the political community. Explore why you need to care about policy, how you can get involved and first steps to take if you want to run for an office during this politically-unbiased session. Not interested in running for office - no problem! This session will also explore ways you can support policy makers, legislation and the future of our community.

Entrepreneurship - Turning Your Dreams Into A Reality: Connect with a panel of successful entrepreneurs, and others interested in starting a business, to learn how they did it and their tips for making your dreams of owning a company a reality.

Building Your Brand - Knowing Your Own Worth: No one will advocate for you more than you can for yourself. This session will discuss how your online profile impacts the perception people have of you. Learn how to give and receive feedback, ask for a raise or promotion and how to walk into a room and get your point across in the most effective manner. Explore ways to handle conflict rather than resolving it, introductions, explaining gaps in resumes and more.